Fishing Report for 7-11-15

July 12, 2015

We won the tournament with the 36.7# bull Dorado. They also hooked a 300#+ marlin today that they fought for 3-1/2 hours before the pole broke and they lost the fish. As Chino always says “That is why they call it fishing and not catching.” Good day. 2nd Place was only 14#. Smoked the field!

Fishing Report – July 10, 2015

July 10, 2015

We had the our boat in the Fishing for the Mission Tournament today and caught this 36# Dorado. IMG-20150710-WA0005. We caught this beauty along with smaller Dorado and Yellowtail. So far, this is the tournament leader.

Fishing Report for June 24, 2015

June 30, 2015

IMG_20150624_094656044Jerrod and Chewy of Lake Havasu were our guest for a day on the Sea of Cortez. They boated 4 yellowtail the largest of which was a 30# monster (see the picture). Captain Martin was able to get them on the reef north of Loreto and the rest is history. Another great day of fishing with Loreto Adventures on the Sea of Cortez.

I hear the Dorado are showing up. So look for our next report. So far they are small but the big fish can’t be far behind.

Los Rancheros Yellowtail Tournament

May 5, 2015

Fishing Report for May 1st and 2nd

I am proud to report that Tim Wilson’s crew (who puts on the Los Rancheros Yellowtail Tournament each year) was also this year’s winner. Tim and his crew (aboard our boat) slayed the Yellowtail. They won big fish both days and won the tournament.

The tournament is a real charity affair and we at Loreto Adventures are proud to be involved with them.

Congratulations to the winning crew!!!

Fishing Report – April 25, 2015

May 4, 2015

Photo - Pargo and Cabrilla - 4-25-15

Photo - Pargo and Cabrilla (2) - 4-25-15

Well, I was able to get out on the Officina II on Saturday.

Both boats were chartered from Tuesday thru Friday and Chino and Martin had mixed results. These groups had fun in-shore fishing for giant Pargo (Snapper) on Tuesday and Friday. They managed to boat 6 fish on Tuesday (out of a total of 20 or so strikes). Of the 15 strikes on Friday, they came up empty handed. These fish are strong and tremendous fighters when they strike close to their rocky hangouts. The Pargo strike and head for the rocks (water is only about 8 -10 feet deep). If you do get them hooked, they try to break you off by making it to the rock. If they get to the rocks, you’re done! You really have to fight hard to keep them out of the rocks until you can wrestle them out to the sandy bottom.

Based upon their success and the large number of strikes, we decided to give it a try.

Bait was a real problem all week. We had success catching about 15 bait but it was deep and early. Of the bait we caught, only four (4) were Green Mackerel. The Pargo and Cabrilla really love this type of bait. The size is smaller and they seem to be more willing to attach this bait. The other bait was a larger mackerel and the Pargo, Yellowtail and Cabrilla were hesitant to hit the larger bait.

With bait in the well, we headed to the rocky shores north of San Bruno. We were hit hard on the very first pass and got a good size Pargo to the boat. As we attempted to get it in the boat, it spit the hook and we were left with a memory but no fish. On the second pass, we were hit hard by a decent size Cabrilla (Sea Bass) and got him in the boat. On the third pass, we got a decent Pargo and were successful this time in boating it. We made passes for an hour or more, and were struck hard but they either spit the hook or made it to the rocks.

We decided to leave it alone for a while and went out to a reef North of San Bruno for Yellowtail. On Yellowtail, the local “pangeroes” fishing with sardines were having decent success catching small Yellowtail. We did catch one 20+ pound Yellowtail. This was about the minimum size based upon the size of our bait. You could feel the smaller Yellowtail teasing the bait and “thinking about it” but in the end they couldn’t figure out how to swallow the bigger bait.


After an hour or two, we decided that the Pargo and Cabrilla had probably had enough time to settle down and get real hungry so back in-shore we went. We caught a 2nd Pargo and Cabrilla quickly. After this, we had great success getting them to come up and strike at the bait but couldn’t get them to stick all the way. Both these fish strike hard and fast. There is no doubt when they hit. This type of in-shore fishing is tough as you have the drag set on full and need to be quick to set the hook and fight them off the rocks. On this return trip, we got a lot of action but not much to show for it after the initial success.

All in all, it was a successful day. The in-shore fishing is a different experience and one I suggest everyone try. I had a great time.